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P. Webley & Son, Birmingham
StÝckel: Philip Webley, 1852 - 1897
literature: The Webley Story by William Chipchase Dowell.

Webley History:

Webley's first well-known success with revolvers came with the adoption of one of their pistols by the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in 1867. The It gained its name, RIC, when it was adopted by that organization upon its
formation in 1868. It was later adopted by police forces in South Africa and Australia, and numbers of copies were made, most notably in Belgium. The RIC was an extremely rugged and compact weapon with considerable stopping power and, in its various models, remained a popular civilian and police weapon well into the twentieth century. A pair of Webley RIC Model revolvers were presented to Brevet Major General George Armstrong Custer by Lord Berkerley in 1869, and it is believed that General Custer was using them at the time of his death at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.


Webley made and retailed by famous WESTLEY RICHARDS & Co. LIMITED in 2 lines on bridge, an unique small Webley cased in caliber .32 Colt short. 2 7/8" round barrel with fixed front sight and English proof stamps. In butt plate crew in oiling rod. The beautiful engraved revolver with  blued cylinder and barrel, the system kept in the white, perfect ivory grips is in good working order and excellent condition. The blue inlaid case is showing some expected wear and contains a oil can and a cleaning rod. an exceptional set!    sold

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