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Pistor, Schmalkalden

Herman with unusual rack & pinion ramrod

Colt 7387 with Kopec letter

 Le Mat pinfire revolver

Delvigne, cased pair extremely rare

French 12-shot 9mm pin fire revolver

Colt pocket # 286586

Oury's Novo

ERFURT Arsenal Reichsrevolver with capture papers

 Delvigne percussion pistol in pipe case

Whitney "hooded" cylinder

Deleaxhe triple combination knuckle duster

Dumonthier with etched blade, cased

 Gasser revolver with extremely rare Tambour grip safety

Colt 1877 Lightning caliber .38

Kolibri tin box complete with 12 cartridges

Bittner 1893 repeating pistol

Remington Rolling Block pistol with shoulder stock

 Parkinson, Dublin, pair of heavy duty Irish double barrel pistols

 Levaux revolver by Jeffries, Birmingham

 Deringer "peanut sized" pair  

JACOB KUCHENREUTER cased pair of target and holster pistols

Lebaron high quality revolver with case

Le Faure cased pair muff pistols

Unwin Rodgers Sheffield knife pistol

Galand "self-extracting" revolver

Montigny needle fire pistol

W. Child, London, cased pair

Heinrich Genhart Rare Ten-Shot Turret revolver

 Steinweg, München, pair circa 1700

 IXL Navy Model Percussion Revolver, extremely rare engraved

H. Dowling, Dublin, cased pair of double barrel percussion traveling pistols

Lefaucheux revolver cased

S & W New Model 3 Target Single Action engraved

Schulhof repeating pistol model 1884

Manhattan bar hammer single shot pistols, cased pair

 Suhl made Reichsrevolver for Bavarian Officer 1883 serial # 7

Herman system revolver

 Sturm à Suhl flintlock pair

 Schilling, Suhl, peanut-sized derringer

CRAUSE,  kingdom of Hannover  percussion cavalry  pistol with matching stock 1850

 Prescott experimental revolver ex Locke collection

Remington Rolling Block pistol with military proof marks

S B = Scholberg & Gadet, cased revolver

Chuchu 4-barrel tip-down pepperbox

Remington Beals second model, cased

Martin, Glasgow, cased pair of spring-bayonet pistols

Moore, London, pair

 Paul Reuss Stuttgart "Flobert" target pistol

Chicago Protector

Mariette interesting system pinfire revolver

L. Joalland needle fire pistol

 D. Ross, Edinburgh, cased pair

Aston US military 1852 Mass. Militia

Richards, London, circa 1800, flintlock pistol

Smith & Wesson model No. 1 first issue revolver

Belgian Stevens-style target pistol, cased

 Granberg Swedish model 1840 prison knife pistol

Colt SAA 26376 with letter and holster

Connecticut Arms Hammond Bulldog

Plant's front loading Army revolver

Webley 1853 patent "longspur", cased

Bergmann early model 1896 model 2 with folding trigger

 Pepper in Dublin

Mauser 9mm Zick-Zack revolver

L. Kolb á Berlin

Henry Nock London

15mm  pin-fire by Lefaucheux à Paris, cased

Tirebuck, London, cased set

 Mulacz, Wien / Vienna, engraved and gold inlaid

 V. C. S. = Schilling, Suhl, pinfire

Perrin 9mm revolver

HDH 20-shot revolver

 Eagle Arms 1865, boxed

 Salles,Béziers, engraved pinfire

Colt pocket conversion

E. Lefaucheux revolver in leatherette

high quality Belgian made percussion revolver

Berger 1881 repeating pistol

 Mabson & Labron cased set

A. W. Loomis Lebanon CT. turret & under-hammer revolver

VC = Colette gravity pistol

Nogent, circa 1855, pistol with knife, marked coutelier arquebusier à Nogent

 Adams 12717 made by Francotte

 Williams, Birmingham, Howdah pistol

Dreyse target pistol

Rieger in München

Hill, London, chained 7-shot cylinder

 Samuel Nock London

Suhl Reichsrevolver 1883 Officer's Model

 Delvigne percussion pistol

 Colt Root # 12647, cased

Galand "self-extracting" revolver, cased

Allen single shot pistol / derringer

Remington double derringer

 Gabion St. Etienne pair of target pistols

 Dreyse & Collenbusch needle fire pistol

S&W Schofield revolver military issued

Allen & Thurber cased pepperbox

Prussian cavalry pistol model 1850

Francotte 20 shot revolver

Noël Gouery Rotovolver

 Arendt, Liége

 Durs Egg cased pair

Fagnus revolver with 13" barrel and shoulder stock

Remington 1875 SAA

Tanner in Hannover

Ulrich, Bern, cased pair

Unwin & Rodgers knife pistol

 Kynoch Gun Factory extended trigger revolver with stock and case, extremely rare

Prussian cavalry pistol model 1850

 Colt Root engraved + cased

 Jarre cased with speed loaders

Braddell Belfast 1850s

 Salzburg made flintlock pistol

 Freeman army revolver

 Javelle tip-down Civil War period pinfire revolver

Smith and Wesson repeating pistol No. 1, forerunner of the Volcanic and Winchester

Belgian cased engraved double action folding trigger

 cased Slocum 1863 patent sliding sleeve revolver

Herman superposed under hammer pistol

 Arendt made Kinapen Bréveté revolver

Halbach & Son, Baltimore, rare American made flintlock pistol

Labbe à Niort pair dueling pistols

 Starr Single Action Army

Devisme, Paris, exceptional quality pair of dueling pistols, cased

Lefaucheux revolver Lepage retailed in odd shaped show case

Wenzl Sporer à Taus, 1689 - 1720 in Bohemia

hunting wheel-lock pistol with matching powder flask and built-in key

Brun repeating pistol, engraved

 Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, New York

Jung Suhl exceptional pair

Galand "self-extracting" revolver, cased

Lefaucheux 9mm pin-fire revolver

Small Deringer with ramrod and trapdoor

Javelle style 9mm tip-down revolver, cased

 Mauser Zigzag factory engraved + cased

Volcanic pocket model

Prussian cavalry model 1823 government conversion 1850

 Hopkins & Allen XL derringer

Javelle 9mm pin-fire tip-down revolver

 Cochran turret revolver

Japanese copy of the Colt 1851 percussion revolver

Primavesi in Cardiff cased 12-shot revolver

1849, KKP licensed copy of the Colt Dragoon

Mass. Arms Co. Single Shot Percussion Pistol with Maynard Primer

Prussia model 1823, originally issued as flintlock pistol

PF = Pirlot Freres made pin-fire revolver with blade, cased

Dumonthier double barreled dagger pistol, cased with scabbard

Mauser Zigzag factory embellished

Suhl commission Reichsrevolver model 1879  for 8. Reserve Hussar 2. regiment 14. weapon

Passler & Seidl 1887 unique repeating pistol

JONGEN FRERES LIÈGE, a very interesting revolver with percussion and pin fire cylinder

  Adams 12277R sold by Barnes

DREYSE needlefire revolver with attached loading lever

Schwarzlose 1898 self-loading pistol

V. G. W. Libeau, New Orleans, 1847, unique

Hill's patent self-ejecting revolver

 Dessard presentation pipe-case case

Lefaucheux engraved revolver in pipe-case

Schwartz & Felz, Luxemburg

Prussian cavalry model 1789

French pinfire revolver, cased set

 National Arms .45 teat fire

 Colt New Line .38

French pinfire revolver in pipe-case

 Remington Smoot factory engraved

 Perrin Civil War revolver

Prussian cavalry model 1742 made by POTZDAM MAGAZIN 

cased pair of Devisme revolvers

Pettengill's Navy revolver with split loading lever

 Mauser Zigzag  factory embellished

 Hollis & Sheath, cased revolver

 St. Etienne tip-down revolver with skeleton + holster

Le Mat Paris Confederate

Remington RIDER magazine pistol

 Bergmann Simplex

Prussian cavalry model 1809

KKP Innsbruck licensed Colt copy

HDH 20-shot revolver, retailer Niemeyer & Co. Kreiensen

Merwin-Hulbert with additional safety device

 knife pistol with two barrels and two cork screw triggers

Ströhlein, Friedberg, Hessen, target pistol

 Remington Navy, NAVY accepted

Dreyse model 1883 BABY Reichsrevolver with double trigger, ejector and safety

Volcanic pocket model cased with one cartridge

Bergmann 1896 model 5mm self-loading pistol

 Hanquet Bréveté

R. Stahl in Hassfurt

 Devisme tip-down pepperbox

Cochran Turret Revolver engraved

 M. Javelle tip-down Civil War revolver

 Bentley retailer Adams cased

 Plant patent with additional percussion cylinder

 J. Cernea vest-pocket knife pistol

HDH 20-shot

 Caron, Paris, cased target pistol

 Remington Double Derringer

 Colleye 3-shot

Belgian pair of percussion pistols with Navy dirk and accessories in case

Nogent pistol with folding knife

 Baker's 1852 patent revolver with folding bayonet + belt hook

F. KÜHNLENTZ, REVAL, pair of flintlock pistols

Webley Pryse

 Baylè 1879 wallet pistol

Remington Rider magazine pistol factory engraved

MITRAILLEUSE palm-squeezer repeating pistol

 Raphael Civil War revolver

 Müller in Bern percussion target pistol

Dessagne pepperbox with screw-in dagger

 Tower 1800 dated military pistol

 French pin fire revolver with shoulder stock and stick-on bayonet

Gaulois No. 2 with original case

Mauser Reichsrevolver 1879 with holster

Abbate Eibar revolver with dirk

 Dolne combination revolver with folding blade and knuckles

 Mariette 6 barrels cased

Martinier interesting ejector system

 Leue & Timpe Berlin target pistol

 Le Mat cartridge revolver 1869

 Le Page Moutier double barrel

 Jarre harmonica pistol cased with pin fire speed loaders

Loron pin fire revolver

Colt scarce Richards conversion of the model 1863 pocket of navy caliber

French made pair of percussion pistols in a luxury case, 1860s

Mauser # 1175 factory engraved


Francotte Army revolver



 General Feld Marschal Wrangel inscribed



JOHNSON Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol for the US Government


Dreyse Officer's model with double trigger and ejector

 SB combination pistol

John Egg dueling pistols

 Durs Egg cased pair flintlock pistols

Dumonthier double barreled dagger pistol

 Thos. Wilson in Liverpool

Starr double action Army accepted

Lefaucheux pin fire revolver

Prussian Cavalry pistol 1742

Galand revolver with Loron system

Chaineux 12-shot 7mm pin fire revolver

Eyraud baby tip-down revolver

Belgian pinfire revolver concealed in cigar case

 Perrin, Paris, revolver with dirk

 Flobert pistol exceptional pair

Bavarian Werder model 1869 pistol issued to the Chevau Leger

unique 3-shot gold decorated Jarre harmonica pistol

extremely rare 21-shot revolver by Eugène Lefaucheux

 Herman Liége percussion revolver

Gaulois concealed in Cognac carrier

Dumonthier double barreled dagger pistol with scabbard

Chaineux 10-shot revolver

Kynoch .430 factory cased

 Garate  unique pepperbox

Whitney "walking beam"

Mauser # 885 zigzag revolver

 Dreyse needle fire pistol # 2018

 factory engraved and etched Remington Beals

TSM marked ivory sheathed percussion pistol and dirk, circa 1850ss

T. Squires, London “top hat” percussion

Rogers & Spencer Civil War revolver

Eyraud revolver, cased

 Hill's patent self ejecting revolver

Mauser # 606 Zick-Zack revolver

Devisme Paris cased percussion revolver

Mass. Arms pocket model with Maynard's primer, cased

Lefaucheux 20-shot revolver, cased

 Nichols & Childs, # 4 of only 25

eight-shot J. HERMAN made pepperbox

 Francotte army with holster

Jones, cased pepperbox with switch blade

 John Krider, Philadelphia

Dreyse & Collenbusch needle fire

Guycot chain pistol

Jarre 8-shot harmonica

S&W model 1, factory engraved and cased

Mass. Arms belt model with Maynard's primer, cased

 Klawitter in Herzberg

Tranter 3. model, retailer Blakemore

cased Perrin "Civil War" revolver

CHAMELOT  DELVIGNE  left-handed revolver

 Baker 1852 style cased set

Eyraud tip-down revolver

Tranter double trigger revolver

Forsyth in London, cased pair

 Collier flintlock revolver

Danner, Nűrnberg / Nuremberg

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