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Makers M


  Mabson & Labron cased set

Manhattan Bar Hammer Single Shot Pistols, cased pair

Mannlicher model 1894

Mannlicher model 1897

Mariette coffret

  Mariette 18-shot pepperbox

  Mars pistol by Gabbet-Fairfax

Marston pepperbox THE WASHINGTON ARMS Co.

Martin, Glasgow, case pair of spring-bayonet pistols

Martinier interesting ejector system

Mass. Arms Co. Single Shot Percussion Pistol with Maynard Primer

Mass. Arms Maynard Primer Belt revolver, cased

   Mauser revolver

 Merwin Hulbert

Montigny needle fire pistol

Moore, London, pair

  Müller in Bern

  Mulacz, Wien / Vienna

 Muller a Magdeburg 1750 flintlock


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