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makers D

Danner, Nűrnberg / Nuremberg

Degueldre  self ejecting pin fire revolver

Deleaxhe triple combination knuckle duster

  Delvigne percussion pistol in pipe case

Delvigne, cased pair extremely rare

Delvigne percussion pistol

  Kronborg Denmark Norwegian 1772 / 1785

 Deringer "peanut sized" pair 

Dessagne pepperbox with screw-in dagger

  Dessard presentation case

cased pair of Devisme revolvers

Devisme tip-down pepperbox

Dolne combination revolver/ knuckle duster / swing-out dagger

J. L. Dotter single shot target pistol 1842

H. Dowling, Dublin, cased pair of double barrel percussion traveling pistols

  Dreyse & Collenbusch needlefire

Scarce DREYSE needlefire revolver with attached loading lever

Duchesne, massive French holster pistol

Dumonthier revolver with blade and scabbard

Dumonthier double barreled dagger pistol with scabbard

Dumonthier double barreled dagger pistol

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