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Dueling Pistols, Duelling Pistols, Duell-Pistolen

Dueling pistols are a result of proud workmanship, always show a maker's name, and the barrel length should be at least 9 inches.

Forsyth in London, cased pair

Labbe à Niort pair dueling pistols

Moore, London, pair

Tirebuck, London, cased set

Ulrich, Bern, cased pair


the following pistols are no longer available, just for information

buyer's privilege: no prices will be published.

Bössel in Suhl, cased pair

Boutet cased pair

Devisme À  Paris exceptional quality pair of dueling pistols, cased

Gelbke, Mobile, Alabama


Lebeda À  Prag, pair

Lefaure dueling set

Lepage-Frères, Paris, cased set

Probin, Birmingham

Spies, New York

Weber & Schultheis, Franfurt

  Thos. Wilson in Liverpool  

training-pistols, pair

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