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Werder, Johann Ludwig
StÝckel: 1808 - 1885, invented a falling block system which was 1869 adapted as Bavarian infantry rifle and chevau legers / light cavalry pistol.

rear sight




front sight 

acceptance stamps 






inventory stamp





cocking lever + safety

cartridge partial inserted

rear trigger for shooting + front trigger for opening falling block

Bavarian model 1869 pistol issued to the Chevau-Legers / light cavalry. Caliber 11.5mm Werder. 8" barrel with bright bore. A  massive pistol  with all matching serial numbers. Low serial # 130 with no unit stamps, probably example not issued. The pistol was not liked by the troops because it was rather unhandy and not even used during the 1870 wars. Unlike most pieces on the internet this one has a safety which kept in the frame blocks cocking the lever; only pushing it out enables the lever to be fully pulled back and closing the falling block. Not a handy device and probably removed by the soldiers. Except for minor rust spot on left side in fine condition.
If interested a correct cartridge is included.     $2,350.

The pistol comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from AUX ARMES D' ANTAN Paris.

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