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Walch Firearms
StÝckel: New York, circa 1859 - 1862, distributer of John Walch Feb. 8, 1859 patented revolver, first made by Lindsay Manufacturing Co. and later by New Haven Arms Co.
Flayderman's #
7A-118:  12-shot, very rare,
7A-117:    10-shot brass frame,
7A-117.5: 10-shot iron frame,

right hammer semi-cocked, left hammer fully cocked

# 984

10 pistons

Walch Ten Shot Double Hammer Percussion Pocket Revolver, serial # 984 on base pin / cylinder axis, caliber .31, 3ľ" octagonal barrel with fixed front sight and maker's inscription on top flat, rare brass frame,  some original bluing remaining with very minor pitting. Interesting system: two hammers activated by one spur trigger where the right hits first, two loads in cylinder with 5 bores but 10 pistons. The revolver with a strong spring is in good working order and very good condition. Flayderman's 7A-117: 10-shot brass frame, circa 2,000 made, but not many survivors.   sold


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