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Ýckel: Jacques Edmond Turbiaux, Paris, 1882 - 1895, inventor of the pistol LE PROTECTOR, and also the better known Chicago and Minneapolis Protector.
.Jean Huon, Le Pistolets Automatiques, patent # 149,466 in 1882,

10-shot in 5mm

Turblaux invented LE PROTECTOR palm squeezer pistol, inside serial # 3178, 10-shot cylinder for 6mm cartridge Le Protector, 1Ĺ" barrel, nickel finish with hard rubber grip panels.  Marked on the grip escutcheon System Turblaux Paris.  Under the squeezer is a simple push safety. In good working order. This is an excellent example of the extremely rare palm pistol retaining most of the original nickel finish with only a few little specks of staining.     $3,500. 

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