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StÝckel: "Catello Tribuzio receives 1889 patent for a self loading pistol"



open for loadiing 5 or 6 cartridges



TRIBUZIO self loading pistol, serial‑# 017, caliber 8mm Tribuzio (Brandt's cartridge book # 107C) similar to .32 short Chicago Palm Pistol. Flat all steel pistol
with a blue 2" barrel, ring trigger and safety on picture is in "safe" position. Frame is part nickel plated and partial blue. Turning the safety a few more twists one can remove the cover and inspect the inside.
A German advertisement at the times described this kind of pocket pistols as "flat like a note book."
Winant's book Firearms Curiosa, pages 84 ‑ 85. Rare oddity in fine condition!

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