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a  revolver made in Spain with 3 barrels, for 18 shots, 3 firing pins, 6.35mm pistol cartridge.






3 barrels




caliber 6.35mm = .25 ACP
















3 firing pins













lever on the butt strap to push right or left to chose which firing pin to use






























a 6.35mm inserted




A revolver made in Spain, probably as a single piece because non of my friends and I remember ever seeing one, nor did I find something in the literature. To adapt the 6.35 pistol cartridge the cylinder has two connected rings in which one can insert the cartridges and closing the second ring, the cartridges are safely stored - similar today's speed-loader. On the back of the strap is a switch, center position will hit the inner circle, left position six hits skipping one in the outer circle and after pushing to the right the firing pin will hit the remaining six cartridges. Under the switch is additional a safety blocking the hammer. It is a tip-down or break-open system similar the Smith & Wesson models. The 3" barrel has a fixed front sight and the above pictured description. The cylinder and barrels are blued, the frame is nickel plated, the checkered hard rubber grips are crisp.  The former owner doesn't know about the back ground, only he claims it is an unique revolver. In good working order and fine condition,
The 6,35 ACP was  1906 developed by FN, and because in1914 the European started building war weapons the production seized.
sold / similar wanted /


by a Russian collector friend