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Støckel: Andreas Wilhelm Schwarzlose, Suhl, built in 1898 his self-loading pistol / Selbstladepistole
later he constructed also a machine gun.


key hole for shoulder stock



Very rare SCHWARZLOSE model 1898 STANDART pistol, 6 shots with cut for shoulder stock

serial# 152. caliber 7.63mm. Despite their antique status, Schwarzlose pistols have the look of a modern weapon. Many were reportedly shipped to Russia and only a handful remain in their original form as this example, without Russian import- markings. This pistol has a 6½” barrel with a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight whose elevation is adjusted using a serrated and cammed wheel marked 1-5. The rear of the barrel is Crown U proof marked, which is repeated on the left side of the frame and on the upper bolt housing, just behind the rear sight. The serial number 152 is marked on the left side of the frame and repeated on the back of the bolt, on the left side of the trigger (52) and on the back of the firing pin (52). The bottom of the magazine is marked R.197. The barrel, bolt, frame and magazine are blued. The rear sight and elevating wheel are fire blued, while the trigger, slide release, takedown lever, firing pin and magazine release are polished and in-the-white. Grips are varnished and deeply cut with fine, carefully bordered checkering. Unlike most 6 shot Schwarzlose pistols, this is one was cut for an shoulder stock, with a key-hole recess at the top of the back strap, just below the tang. One of less than a handful of this variant known. Schwarzlose are finished with a different, blacker “blue” than most pistols; similar to the Black Army M1911s but with a better polish. This pistol has been handled with moderate surface toning and a finish that has transitioned to a blue-brown. Scattered small dings on barrel. Grip straps have largely toned to a brown. Original magazine, unmarked except for stamp on toe. Factory grips have most of their original varnish with minor scattered dings. Crisp untouched checkering. Bore with strong rifling and excellent manual mechanics. One of very few Schwarzlose cut for a shoulder stock.  Provenance: Ex-Dinely and Dr. Sturgess collection     sold

STANDART was changed circa 1900 with a reform if the German language into Standard










Schwarzlose self-loading semi-automatic model 1898, serial # 186,
This is a fine example of a rare all original, unaltered 1898 Schwarzlose self-loading semi-automatic. It was designed by Andreas Schwarzlose, Suhl, Prussia, who is most noted for his early water cooled machine gun designs. Any of these early semi-automatic pre-1899 pistols are extremely rare and this specific Schwarzlose pistol could almost be considered a prototype in design as so few were ever produced. During this time there were numerous companies attempting to produce semi-automatic pistols, only a handful would actually be successful . The functioning of this model is based on what is terms a rotating bolt mechanism. This pistol has a one-piece bolt that actually has a series of locking lugs which surround the bolt head itself that are matched by a similar designed breech end of the barrel. When a cartridge is fired, the pressure of the cartridge actually drives the barrel slightly rearward, which in turns pushes the entire bolt rearward to start the unlocking sequence, which in turns extracts and ejects the cartridge. The rear of the receiver has a small lug pinned in place in the center that fits into a race-way or track on the underside of the bolt, that actually rotates the bolt itself, as it moves rearward. It fires the 7.63 Mauser cartridge and has a machined steel clip that loads through the butt of the pistol. It has a double cocking levers on the rear end of the bolt with a striker acting as a loading indicator on the rear of the pistol. It is fitted with a high front sight and a rotating/adjustable rear sight that is graduated from 1-5 (100-500 meter). The right side of the barrel, upper receiver and bolt all have the 1891 period German "Double Crown/ U" proof mark. It is serial numbered on the lower receiver, trigger, magazine bolt and striker. It is fitted with a set of checkered walnut grips and originally it probably had a rust blued finish with a straw colored trigger, cocking indicator and two large levers on the left side. For a pistol produced in 1898 with a radically new design or operating system this pistol actually looks like a real semi-automatic pistol.
In good working order and fine condition.    sold






# 363 with attachable shoulder stock

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