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Jacques Rochouse + Le Merveilleux,
Le "Qui est qui": St. Etienne, inventor of Le Merveilleux 19 April 1889, Gaulois 7 June 1892,
Jean Huon’s book Les Pistolets Automatiques Français, page 12.



safety in action

open for inspection     sold










  <<< the side firing pin cocked

Jacques ROUCHOUSE pocket-size repeating pistol, serial # 2828, cal. 6mm Merveilleux,
5-shots. The forerunner of the better known GALOUIS. Squeezing the front part of the frame moves the hammer swing out to the right and pulls the barrel backwards, please see picture, and then the hammer hit. On right side is ring to pull down for loading. Nicely engraved, nickel plated, checkered hard rubber grips. Huon’s book Les Pistolets Automatiques Français, page 12. Under the barrel are Liège proof stamps.
In good working order, scarce in fine  condition.        sold

firing pin cocked

a simple safety and device to open for inspection

open for inspection

open for loading

P.L. BREVETE/S.G.D.G. is marked on the underside

case with brush

LE MERVEILLEUX on both panels of the little squeezer pistol. The panels are often called ivory, but correct is ivory-colored celluloid. No visible serial #, caliber 6mm Merveilleux, 2¾" round barrel, While squeezing the handle a little firing device moves outside and after reaching the point will hit the cartridge, please see pictures. This pistol has a lever which can be moved into the handle as a safety. It also enables the removing of the panel for inspection. The pistol is in excellent condition and functions perfect. It comes in a wooden box, purple lining and a matching brush. The escutcheon is not marked. This is on of the rarest variation and in outstanding condition!    sold


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