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Robert Pistolet Bréveté à Paris,

Støckel, see the following:

Claude Blair, Pistolf of the World, page 30:

copied from on of Robert Buttweiller's catalogs (Vol VII, No 3, Lot 62):


 Robert a rare system breech loading pistol
9" octagonal barrel with fixed front sight and rear sight over the breech, there is also an oval inscribed PISTOLET ROBERT and BTE A PARIS, caliber .50. The mechanism can be opened upwards. The metal kept in the white, half-shafted with plain wood  with flared grip and butt cap, enlarged oval guard with 2 triggers.

Jean Antoine Robert, documented in Paris from 1829 to 1840, is the inventor of the breach loading system with his own name, for metallic cartridge. This mechanism follows the principle of Samuel Pauly. In 1833 he was awarded the gold medal by the Accademie de l'Industrie.
The pistol is in good working order and in fine condition. It is probably the first metal cartridge using pistol, extremely rare and desirable.   sold
The only price information I found is Czerny's Auction March 2009, price 5,500 Euro - 6,500 Euro. 


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