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Heinrich Riffelmann, Solingen
Støckel: circa 1870, revolver producent

According to the book by Kurt Jörgens Stiftfeuer-Revolver aus der Klingenstadt = pinfire revolvers from the blade-town: "in 1863 some blade companies started producing pin fire revolvers to compete against the Belgian and French. Soon, latest in the 1880's the production seized because luck of sales. For the some time - but not all the time - the city had its own proof-house using SP (Solinger Probiranstalt) under the Prussian eagle..."

























< crowned HR on cylinder (Heinrich Riffelmann)











H. Riffelmann, Solingen  and Solingen proofed 6-shot-pinfire revolver, serial # 1836, cal. 9mm, 5¾" barrel with typical fixed front sight, on the lug Solingen proof and caliber name 9mm, on the right H. RIIFELMANN SOLINGEN and on the left Sme Lefaucheux. The revolver kept in the white and is now mottled gray, plain walnut grips, lanyard ring.
In good working order and fine condition. 

probirt is the old German writing which changed around 1900 in probiert = proofed


















Riffelmann, Solingen made and Solingen proofed 12-shot-pinfire revolver, serial # 26607, 12mm, 6" barrel with probirt stamp and caliber name "12mm", double action with folding trigger, cylinder and frame slightly engraved, checkered walnut grips, about 90% original finish remaining. Not often found German made 12-shot revolvers, in fine condition.     sold, for information only






12-shot-revolver, serial # 16640, caliber 7mm, 4¾" round barrel with fixed sight, on the lug Solingen proof stamp "Probirt R" = proofed Riffelmann, 7mm and SME LEFAUCHEUX, frame and cylinder vine engraving, some original bluing left, checkered grips with lanyard ring. The revolver is probably
made by
H. Riffelmann. Fine condition 

ld, for information only



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