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Remington Beals second model, cased

  factory engraved and etched Remington Beals

  Remington Navy, NAVY accepted

factory engraved Remington Rider magazine pistol

Remington Rider magazine pistol

  factory engraved Remington Smoot

  Remington 1875 SAA

 Remington Rolling Block pistol

  Remington Rolling Block pistol with military proof marks
















REMINGTON ARMS CO. ILION, NY. in one line marked 3. model double derringer, under the barrel # 11, caliber .41 rim fire, excellent condition with almost 100% nickel plating, case hardened hammer and perfect pearl grips. In good working order. Flayderman's # 5E-045    $2,250.











Remington Double Derringer, model 2 with two-line maker's inscription ELLIOTT'S PATENT DEC. 12th 1865 on top, serial # 1562 under the barrel, caliber .41 rim fire, with extractor,  100% nickel plating remaining, dark-brown plain grips, exceptional condition.
Flayderman's # 5E-044    


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