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William MOORE, London,
Støckel: 1780 - 1847, since 1836 court gun maker for King William IV,


set trigger, safety, the barrel with 2 silver bands



  T. P. to Philip Pike

smooth bore, dovetail front sight

set trigger, engraved trigger guard


open and closed butt compartment

MOORE, London, marked pair of percussion pistols, 8" browned octagonal barrel with London on top flat and dovetail front sight, caliber .58, smooth bore, set trigger for adjusting the trigger pull, ½-shafted saw-handle with fine checkered grip, additional escutcheon inscribed

  T. P. to Philip Pike

A little compartment in engraved  butt cap, ram rod under barrel, the lock is engraved and marked MOORE, all white metal parts are German silver, the springs are strong and the function is fine. Very good condition target pistols or a poor man's duel pistols.     sold

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