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1856 - 1870, 



system open

MONTIGNY under lever

the needle

the chamber

fore end

channeled grip with butt cap

impressive needle-fire target pistol. In one of the pictures the needle looks out of the breech similar to the period Dreyse revolvers. The lever on the grip pressed upwards opens the breech for loading. The 10" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight and blade rear sight on breech are nicely engraved and nickel plated, which is in some places worn off. The other steel parts are nicely engraved. The stock is shaped like the 1850's  dueling-pistols with a massive butt-cap.
A very unique pistol in good working order and in fine condition.    sold

"The work of John Montigny, best known for the development of the Mitrailleuse Battery Gun. Derived from the work of Swiss inventor John Samuel Pauley, the breechblock is operated by a lever extending down the upper tang, which is lifted up to bring the block back for loading, with a lever in front of the trigger guard used for cocking/ decocking the hammer."




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