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Gebrűder Mauser, Oberndorf A/N (am Neckar)
°ckel: Paul Mauser 1838 - 1914, constructor
Wilhelm 1834 - 1883, constructor, businessman
űder Mauser & Cie 1874 -

revolvers + pistols

Mauser solid frame # 54  

  Mauser # 95 factory engraved + cased 

Mauser # 606

extremely rare cased  presentation Mauser 1878 zigzag revolver

Mauser # 885

  Mauser # 3053 embellished 

Mauser Reichsrevolver 1879 with holster available




frame locked

frame unlocked  


Mauser model 1878 zigzag ~ Zick-Zack-Revolver, serial # 1737, cal. 9mm Mauser with beveled rim,  factory embellished, one of the highest numbers of the 9mm series,

Part of my collection.



Mauser model 1878 "Zick-Zack" "zig-zag" revolver in excellent condition    always wanted


For Your Information

















Mauser C 96 serial # 242512, cal. 7.63mm,
5Ż" barrel, excellent condition. Additional stamp on left side

R.F.V. 491

= Reichs Finanz Verwaltung = Federal Tax Administration. Pistols were used by the German customs. Scarce variation.
sold, kept on the page as a show-piece for the Zoll-Museum in K÷ln.

broom handle broom handle