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Mauser revolver model 1878 with solid or closed frame,
this is one of the very few, the rest are all made with the fold-open-frame,
less than 100 made because I own # 93 with open frame.
the model with the eye-catching cylinder also called Zick-Zack / zigzag revolver. The brothers Mauser tried to sell  to the German Armies, especially to the Army of the Kingdom of W
rttemberg. Only few officers bought.




hammer cocked and transportation protruding the frame







= brothers Mauser & Company Oberndorf on river Neckar
marked on the left side of the frame and PATENT on top of the 5" barrel, # 54 in front of the frame, cal. 10.55mm, circa 80% of the original blue remaining with very minor pitting, fine checkered grips, lanyard ring because hoped to sell to the army. Under the barrel is inside the hollow axis a lose ejector rod. From this early variation are about 60 pieces made, and those are very rare    sold



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