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Exceptionally Rare "Prototype" Mannlicher Model 1894 Double Action Semi-Automatic Pistol
Literature: Mötz / Schuy, Vom Ursprung der Selbstladepistole (= origin of self-loading pistol): perhaps 100 made, caliber 6.55mm, internal magazine for 5 cartridges,


after removing the left grip


This is an extremely rare example of the very first attempts by the Mannlicher company to produced a magazine fed, semi-automatic pistol. These early pistols are extremely rare today; they were produced on a very limited basis with most of those actually produced are lost over time with the few surviving examples rarely ever seen for sale in any condition, much less this example that retains well over 90% of it's blue finish. This was Mannlicher first real attempt to compete with the other European companies, such as Steyr, Bergmann, Mauser and Schwarzlose, who were also developing and producing early semi-automatic pistols in the late 1880s and early 1890s. This specific model eventually led to the later M96 and eventually the successful Mannlicher model 1900 pistol. This pistol is fairly unique in that it uses a non-reciprocating "blow-forward" bolt mechanism with an internal magazine that also functions in a "double-action" mode. The recoil spring is actually housed inside the barrel jacket, around the outside of the barrel and the pistol is charged by pulling the barrel forward. As it returns to it's battery position at the rear of the frame, it strips a round off of the top of the internal magazine. The base of the bullet is seated against the breech face which is actually the upper rear section of the frame with the extractor / rear sight located just behind the stripper clip guide and in front of the hammer. Obviously when the pistol is fired the action starts the cycling process all over again. It is an extremely well machined pistol typical of early prototype or production models. The left side of the pistol # 68. This pistol was a fairly well thought-out design as it has an enlarged trigger guard, with a military style lanyard loop on the bottom of the butt. The pistol is made in Austria before later produced by the Swiss.
To disassemble the pistol you remove the left grip screw which allows you to remove the wooden grip and receiver side panel and the entire left side of the frame. The internal magazine is attached to this grip and left side of the frame so it all comes out as one unit and exposes all the internal parts.
The pistol depicting about 95% original bright blue with minor loss of color on the left side, excellent condition.   


Mannlicher self-loading pistol 1897 - 1901,






























BP = Beschussprobe = ballistic test




recoil operated self-loading pistol (today semi-automatic) pistol, matching serial # 334, caliber 7.63 Mannlicher, 4½" barrel with front and movable rear sight additional BP proof stamp for pistols made by Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft (Swiss industrial company), Neuhausen. Original bright blue with same traces of usage but more than 90% remaining, system and side lever polished, right side level for cocking the firing pin, matching six-shot-magazine. Rare pistol with less than 1,000 produced.
In good working order and very fine condition.     sold

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