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Col. Le Mat - Jean François Alexander Le Mat
øckel:  born 1824 in Paris, moved 1840 to New Orleans, receives 1856 patent for his revolver where the base / cylinder pin is also used as a buckshot barrel. The revolvers started to be made 1859/1860 by Dr. Girard, Paris.





to fire cartridge


switched to fire buckshot


















Chevereau a Paris




"Baby Le Mat" revolver, matching serial #  67 on frame, base pin / cylinder axis, barrel and cylinder, the metal kept in the white and is nicely engraved, plain wooden grips. The function including the switch to fire the 7mm pin fire cartridge and the 11mm (.45) buckshot are in good working order. The revolver is in very fine condition. Additional a good fitting leather holster. The set is extremely rare, probably unique.   sold


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