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Jacob Kuchenreuter,
StÝckel: Johann Jacob Kuchenreuter, Steinweg near Regensburg, 1709 - 1783, court gun maker of the dukes of Thurn & Taxis.


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JACOB KUCHENREUTER, a pair of target and holster pistols converted to percussion in a decorative case with all accessories, caliber .52 groove diameter with 4 deep groove rifled. 10″ tapered octagonal barrels have square gold poincon of horse and rider (Kuchenreuter trademark) on each end. Top flats of barrels are silver inlaid JACOB KUCHENREUTER which was used around 1780. Flats are also silver wire inlaid in scroll fore and aft, scroll extends onto flanking facets. Circa 1850 the pistols were converted to percussion with well shaped bolsters and drums. Slightly cambered round bodied locks with long teats, are fitted with newer round bodied percussion hammers. Fully shafted walnut stocks with flared and molded finials to grips. The steel furniture is well made and has fancy finials. The butt caps are dome shaped. Trigger guards have spurs, and triggers are set. Borderless flat top checkering is in fancy pattern. Vacant silver ovals are at tops of grips. Ivory tipped ramrods with worm tails are held by nicely shaped beaded pipes. The pair are in a French-fitted walnut case, probably at the time of the conversion. It is lined in green baize, and it includes an array accessories: two brass and greenheart loading rods, walnut loading mallet, steel powder measure, color hardened patch cutter and mainspring clamp, filed steel round ball mold with pincher type sprue cutter, small oil bottle, ebony handled turn screw, small round gutta percha powder flask, and an interesting iron and walnut handled lead ladle. Provenance: The Spiropoulos Estate Collection. The condition is very good with all metal parts of pistols show  cleaning to bright polish. Wood retains most of an old oil finish. One pistol has repair to last 4″ at muzzle. Trigger of one pistol will not set, and the same pistol is missing its front sight. Locks are crisp. Accessories are fine to very fine. Exterior of case retains most of its old varnish finish. Interior cloth is fine, with numerous stains on lid portion from contact with guns and accessories.
A decorative and unique set!      $10,000.


J. Adam Kuchenreuter in Regensburg
StÝckel; Johann Adam Kuchenreuter, 1794 - 1869, court gun maker for the FŁrsten of Thurn & Taxis, after 1840 Kingly Bavarian court gun maker;




























Joh. Adam Kuchenreuter, circa1795 made pair of target- / dueling pistols, caliber .45 flintlock smoothbore, 10Ĺ" octagonal glossy-brown barrel inscribed with silver inlaid Joh. Adam Kuchenreuter, master stamp and fixed dovetail front sight, full stocked with crisp checkered grips and fine carving, single set triggers and adjustable rear sight. On the left side the pistols have a plaque showing 1 and 2. Perfect function with very minor traces of usage,
excellent condition.
An elegant, attractive pair and in this condition scarce!    


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