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Japanese made single shot percussion pistol,
an oddity -Yatate 矢立






grip cover opened showing hammer and compartment for percussion caps


hammer cocked showing piston


trigger with hole for trip wire















strange rifling




Japanese made single shot percussion pistol Yatate. A folding cover to hide hammer and piston, and it looks like a small club / truncheon, caliber is .35. The cover is made from brass. Barrel with grip and cover are engraved in Japanese style, Japanese inscription. The trigger with a hole for attaching a firing string. Over all length 8". The function is good, fine condition.
Rare pistol    sold

thank you D. K. for your information,
History of the Yatate


>   I think that this gun was used for self defense.
>   Yatate means " handy writing implements"
>   In Japan and China, we used SUMI (black carbon ink : Chinese ink) and
>   FUDE (writing brush).
>   There is a hole in body, and keep cotton with Chinese ink in this hole.
>   And inside long nose, keep writing brush.
>   So ancient people can write a word and picture.

Martin Auction November 2005, Lot# 99, a similar pistol

Rare and Unique Japanese Single-Shot Percussion Ladle or Ink Pot Gun, circa 1850,
.36 caliber, 9 1/2-inch bronze barrel disguised as handle of ladle. Hinged sheet brass breech and hammer cover designed to disguise mechanism. External trigger and ferrule with hole for attaching a firing string. Bronze alloy cup engraved with dragon motifs. Threaded barrel plug with cleaning rod attached.
Overall length: 14 1/2-inches.
Condition: Very good. Metal with dark age patina. Mechanism good.
Notes: Pistols of the World, Blair #783; Stone's Glossary, page 508, No. 8.; Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y., #36.25.2108.
Estimate: 4500 - 7500

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