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Hopkins & Allen
Ýckel: 1867 - 1917 in Norwich, CT;

Bobcat engraved on both panels of Hopkins & Allen XL No. 1 pocket revolver, no visible serial #, caliber .22 short, 2Ĺ" octagonal barrel shows maker's inscription HOPKINS & ALLEN MFG. CO./PAT. MAR. 28 1871 on top with, front sight and a rear sight notch on the bridge with XL No. 1. The revolver  including the 7-shot cylinder is deeply engraved and the nickel plating is almost 100% remaining. The cylinder is easy removed by pushing a lever in front of the cylinder. The panel engravings are scarce especially in this condition making it a very desirable antique!    725.





















by Hopkins & Allen, 1870 patent, # 555 under grps on back strap, caliber .41 rim fire, 2Ĺ" octagonal barrel, profusely engraved, beautiful pearl grips, while in plain a rare derringer, engraved extremely rare, in good working order and fine  condition. Flayderman's # 8A-195.    sold

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