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Henry Harrington
Stckel: circa 1834 - 1841, Southbridge, Mass.
Flayderman's Guide 7C-018.5: patented 1837, usual 3 shots,




















lever to open and remove/insert the breechblock





















exceptional seven shot breech-loading volley gun. Besides Colt's Paterson - but much rarer - one of the earliest American made percussion arms. Variation with seven shots. Cased with 3 spare breech blocks for quick reloading, bullet mold, eagle powder flask, cap tin, cleaning rod and ejector with handle.
The unique set is sold

For information, in May 2009 the following single piece was sold:
LOT 119 Rare American seven-shot volley pistol by Henry Harrington, approximately .30 caliber, 10-1/2 overall with 5-1/4 barrel group; nine sided and faceted iron frame with deluxe burl grip with pearl cap; left side of frame is marked Henry Harrington patent 1837 and Southbridge, Mass. This very rare American volley pistol is one of only approximately seven known and is loaded by a removable breach block which contains seven chambers; the pistol remains in very good to near fine condition with most of its original blue finish on frame and hammer just drifting to original brown; the grips are very good plus with some slight handling and minor storage marks, small losses at the edges but generally crisp overall; the iron barrels are covered by a German silver-type sleeve which shows just some normal patina and slight scratches; The pistol measures 10-1/4 overall and extra breach block is included; one of the rarest of all multi-shot oddity pistols of which only approximately six specimens are known. Hammer price $18,000