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H. Genhart
StÝckel: 1856 - 1859, LiŤge, fabricant and inventor, received 3. Dec. 1856 British patent for 10-shot revolver and rifle,
Taylerson, page 321 is pictured underneath:
Firearms Curiosa, page 197,


cylinder underside with # 1003

ELG proof + inspection stamp

cylinder removed

Heinrich Genhart Rare Ten-Shot Turret revolver,
serial# 1003, caliber 9mm, 7Ĺ" octagonal barrel,  The top of the turret features deep relief engravings of grotesque figures with grapevine and scroll motifs, and gold inlaid numbers corresponding to the turret chambers 1 - 10. The center of the turret features a brass button, surrounded by the engraving H. GENHART  BREVETE. The underside features the stamped serial number, with the corresponding number stamped in the center brass turret housing. The cylinder carries the mandatory Belgian proof stamp ELG. Plain blued trigger guard, bright blued barrel with blued lever. Gutta percha fluted butt cap.  Finely figured walnut stock with deep relief scroll carvings on the nose of stock. The grips of the stock have a unique zig-zag inlay that goes all the way around the wood. Retaining all of the blue finish.  Housing retains a lovely brass patina. Top of turret is untouched with nice patina.  All of the gold still remains in the numbers.  Stock is excellent retaining most of the finish and minimal nicks and dings.
The quick removal of the cylinder enabled the shooter to replace the empty with a loaded cylinder in seconds. There is a patent drawing with four cylinders.
Excellent example of this great rarity. Actually one of the first pieces I bought.     sold

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