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Reformado Por Manuel Garate En Eibar,
translated: "By Manuel Garate in renovated Eibar";




















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Exceptional in function and condition pepperbox marked

Reformado Por Manuel Garate En Eibar

a cluster of six 4" barrels in cal. .45, the frame and trigger guard heavily floral engraved and in bright finish, plain walnut grip,  The nipple cover entirely surrounds the rear of the barrels with a small slot. Here is hidden a small lever, which after pressing immediately releases the barrel cluster. The only pepperbox  I  know easy to disassemble  just with the push  of a lever, and  something I did not encounter before. The barrels are numbered 1 - 6 and correspond with the revolving breech. A trigger spur is on the guard. Besides minor dents in the grip the condition is near perfect, and in NRA excellent condition. Very rare specimen, perhaps unique.
The name Garate we find later on odd weapons like the Charola Y Anitua.     $5,250.




Cavalry Academy in 1895
GAC = Garate Anizua and Company a small factory in the Basque country,
was famous making Winchester models for the Spanish Guardia civil, those called Tigre carbines in .44; later in the twenties the company closed and began to make bicycles.







stylized GAC monogram in grip translates in GARATE, ANITUA y CIA, Eibar, the maker of this unique revolver, bright glossy blue embellished with golden bands and inlays on frame and cylinder, beautiful case hardened hammer, trigger and fixed front sight - very much looking like the Smith & Wesson .44 double action model , caliber .44, 6" ribbed barrel with gold inlaid inscription as shown, perfect hard rubber grips with monogram and lanyard ring. The revolver has been well taken care for and the finish is almost 100% remaining.
An exceptional Spanish weapon!    sold







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