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Støckel: Flobert, Louis Nicolas Auguste, Paris, developed 1847 his rim fire cartridge, which is patented 23 July 1849. At the same time he develops his breech-system. In 1855 he opens his shop at 12 Bd St. Michel, where he offers highly decorated weapons.

Flobert system pistol, caliber 6mm, no maker's name, # or proof stamp. The design of these pistols is definitely from Jean Warnant of Liège, patent 1875. He made a great number of gallery pistols and carbines, calibers were 4.5mm, 6mm and 9mm Flobert, usually smooth bore as all true Flobert should be. 9" octagonal barrel with swallowtail front sight and one blade rear sight. Channeled and lacquered grip with deeply engraved fore end, decorated butt cap and finger hook for better aiming. The pistol is nickel plated, but some is worn off. A decorative pistol in good working order and fine condition.    $450.














exceptional pair of Flobert pistols in the style of high condition dueling pistols. There is a maker's stamp on the left side of the 8¾" octagonal barrel, on the right side consecutive numbered 1284 and 1285, dovetail font- and rear sight, caliber 6mm  Flobert / BB caps fit perfect. The barrel is bright blue with silver inlays at the muzzle and rear, the wood is ebony, the grips are fluted and decorated with a massive butt cap. The condition and the working order are excellent.     
A rare and outstanding pair    $3,750.
















gold inlaid German single shot falling block parlor pistol "Flobert Style", caliber 6mm Flobert, 9½" octagonal barrel with inscription on top, dovetail front sight and blade rear sight. Single set trigger, with border engraving on the rolling breechblock, checkered wide hammer with engraving on the back, scroll designs on the upper tang and finger rest trigger guard. Attractive tiger stripe grain stock with Schnabel forearm tip, ribbed grip with textured low portions, and an engraved contoured butt cap. With 80% of a fine brown finish, bright edge wear and small areas of spotting. Bright original case colors are visible mainly on the butt cap and in the protected areas around the trigger guard, with a mixed gray patina overall and light handling marks. Stock is very good and excellent grain. Mechanically excellent with a strong spring, excellent bore. Very fine pistol.   $1,000.

made for indoor use and fired only primer loaded cartridges, a .22 is too powerful


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