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Plant's front loading revolver:



ckel: 1865 founded for producing Eagle revolvers, patents 1859 by Willard C. Ellis and 1863 N. White. Shortly after in 1866 it became Plant's Manufacturing Co.



a .30 cup fire partial inserted



maker's name on rib of a  3" barrel pocket revolver, caliber .30 cup fire, serial # 7230, 6-shot cylinder, circa 95% original bluing and silver plating remaining, fine rosewood grips, NRA excellent condition.   Flayderman's # 8A-113: Plant's front loading revolver.
It comes in the very rare cardboard box with label EAGLE ARMS CO. The box shows some wear, which is acceptable, after all, it was only sold in 1865 and 1866.     The very rare set $3,850.





cup fire cartridge 

The case of these cartridges reached the full length of the chambers in the cylinder. The hammer tip struck the inside concave portion of the base, in which the fulminate was contained, to detonate the powder charge.
The teat fire cartridge is an circumvention of Rollin White's patent which was acquired by Smith & Wesson.





PATENTED JULY 12, 1859 & JULY 21, 1868 

Plant Manufacturing Company frontloading Army revolver, serial # 2527, caliber  .42 cup-primed, 6" ribbed octagon barrel with a bright about excellent bore. The barrel retains about 50% original bright blue, the balance is flaking to the smooth brown patina. The rib is properly maker marked with the left frame flat showing the Merwin & Bray New York address. The cylinder retains a similar amount of nice original blue, perhaps 40% remaining, the balance a smooth brown. The frame retains some very nice original silver plate, perhaps 70-75% with the hammer and trigger exhibiting some strong remnants of case colors. The smooth rosewood grips rate very good plus with much original varnish and only light flaking and handling marks, they are stamp-numbered to the gun on the interior. The gun seems to function well mechanically. Really a very nice example of the Plant type I third model revolver, Flayderman's # 8A-112    $1,750.






Plant's patent front loading "Army" revolver, caliber .42 cup-primed cartridge (function please see below), serial # 4175, 5" ribbed barrel with PLANT'S MFG. CO. NEWHAVEN, CT.,  on the left side MERWIN & BRAY, NEW-YORK and fixed front sight. The cylinder shows the patent dates PATENTED JULY 12, 1859 & JULY 21, 1868.  The revolver is in good working order and in fine condition. Additional percussion cylinder with inscription PLANT'S MFG.  CO. NEWHAVEN, CT. The revolver with two cylinders in outstanding condition is very rare    sold

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