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Støckel: Casimir, Paris, over takes in 1825 the patents of Roux and Picherau and develops in 1837 the famous pin fire cartridge.
his son Eugène Gabriel, Paris and Liège starts in 1854 the construction of the Lefaucheux revolver. His often used trade mark is LF and later EL,



The one dollar coin is not included.


Lefaucheux inscribed on 1¾" round barrel of a 5mm pin-fire pistol. For loading the barrel must be swiveled to the right, metal kept in the while, folding trigger and plain ebony grips. The tiny pistol is in good working order and fine condition.
It is part of a complete set of a doctors pocket set with a tiny pocket knife, tweezers, six small bottle, a roll with tweets and on the inside 4 additional bottles with cork. The pistol carrying etui has a retailers label saying ARMES DE PORECISION  DEPOT A PARIS  5, BOULVARD DE STRASBOURG, and the main etui's escutcheon is blank. Considering its ago the leather covered etui is in fine condition. A unique and desirable set!    sold

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