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Dessagne pepperbox with screw-in dagger
Støckel: St. Etienne, circa 1840 - 1855, maker of pepperboxes similar Mariette
Le "Qui est qui": G. Dessagne, inventor of pepperboxes perfects Mariette, exhibits in Paris, 1855,

dagger screwed in

dagger removed

ring trigger pulled back

Perfectionné par Dessagne à St. Etienne

5 barrel percussion pepperbox with maker's inscription on back strap Perfectionné par Dessagne à St. Etienne. caliber .40, 3" screw-in Damascus barrels numbered 1 - 5 matching to the revolving part, the frame nicely engraved, ring trigger double action, the grips ebonized. This is a rare pepperbox in good working order and in  fine condition.     sold

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