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Støckel: circa 1870 "Delhaxe"
ollowing the fluctuating orthography of the time, also Joseph DELHAXHE,
irearms Curiosa, pages 90 + 93.

between the two pieces is one big difference, the # 557 and 635 have a screw-in ejector, the # 848 has no provision for a ejector.

serial # 635


blade unfolded

cartridge inserted, ELG proof stamp

Belgian J. Delhaxhe Double Action Pin fire Combination Revolver with Integral Brass Knuckles and Folding Blade, serial # 635, museum's # 1096, caliber 7mm pin fire, on cylinder mandatory Belgian ELG proof stamp. The Delhaxhe Revolver has many features in common with the better known Dolne "Apache", particularly the set of brass knuckles integrated into the grip and the 2¼"  long hinged dagger blade. Unlike the Dolne's hinged knuckle grip, which allows you to have a revolver or a trench knife but never both at the same time, the Delhaxhe has it's knuckles in a fixed position giving a greater degree of stability and allowing all three defensive elements of the arm to be brought into play near simultaneously; if attacked one could fire a full string of six rounds and go straight to punching or stabbing their assailants without even having to adjust their grip. When deployed the dagger blade sticks out from the butt of the revolver, and swings up to rest against the mainspring housing when closed and a small swiveling safety is installed behind the trigger. The steel components show a mixed brown patina with 30% of the original blue and some light pitting on the hammer and trigger and the brass shows a fine attractively aged mustard yellow patina. Both show mild handling marks.
The scarce odd antique is in good working order and fine condition.     $7,850.


































J. DELEAXHE, Liège, made knuckle duster revolver with folding dirk and square frame, serial # 848, caliber 7mm pin fire. While the few others Deleaxhe I found over forty years of collecting have an ejector rod screwed in the frame - please see Chris Curtis' Pin fire book, page 271 - this revolver is not built for an ejector rod. In a publication by Theodore Dexter "Frank E. Bivens, Half Century Scrapbook of Vari-Type-Firearms, 1960", # 432, I found the classification "presentation type", This is supported by the additional decoration, and it is from the knuckle dusters the rarest variation.
In good working order and excellent condition    sold



























Deleaxhe Apache knife revolverserial # 557, caliber 7mm pin fire. The oddity is showing original gold gilt and engraved frame approximately 75 - 85% rich gold gilded finish drifting to a natural patina with some minor darkening and normal aging. Also the blade with original gilded finish. Some storage nicks and fine overall. The left bottom of the frame is well marked and there is a # 25 at the front of the frame near the cylinder pin screw. Included is a copy of “Man at Arms”, January 1978, page 24 where this exact pistol is listed and described as the only one finished in gold. In good working order and excellent condition.   sold





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