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Crause, Carl-Philipp, Herzberg, Kingdom of Hannover 1814 - 1866,
Støckel 1778 - 1857,
H. D. Götz, Militärgewehre und Pistolen der deutschen Staaten 1800 - 1870,



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CRAUSE,  kingdom of Hannover  percussion cavalry  pistol with matching stock 1850,

serial# 235, caliber .69 rifled, 11½″ slightly swamped round barrel. The breech with folding rear sight and a simple sliding safety which blocks the hammer of hitting the piston. Front action lock with rebated tail is fitted with large flat faced hammer. Full length stock  made of ash or elm with brass cap, trigger guard and butt cap. Back strap, engraved with serial# is fitted for matching numbered butt stock, with button release, and large saddle ring bar on bottom. Attaching iron is engraved with matching number, and all iron parts on butt stock and pistol are marked with matching assembly number 78. Provenance Sturgess Collection. Metal parts cleaned bright with no noticeable pitting. Stocks retain nearly all of an old glossy varnish. Polished brass is toned to a golden yellow. Mechanically excellent.
An extremely rare pistol which is only in Götz's book, not mentioned in the German literature.    sold

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