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Mauser C 96,
"early fixed sight + cone-hammer"

According to the ATF "broom handle pistols" including serial # 15,000 are considered antique.

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Mauser C96 / construction 1896, antique serial# 7355 matching including stock, caliber 7.63mm, conehammer and early fixed sights, 4" barrel, This pistol is only 2 numbers away from the one in the book "System Mauser" on pages 50 + 51.
In NRA fine condition. Totally all matching original with NO touch up or restoration. All markings are crisp and perfect, the bore is bright, the grooved walnut grips have NO cracks, chips or repairs. Typical minor pitting under grips on frame. Lanyard loop stud was removed. All springs are strong and it functions perfectly. Vibrant "fire blue" and "straw" colored small parts. The matching numbered walnut holster stock is exceptional with no cracks, chips or repairs. Most of the very few known examples show very heavy use or have been fully or partially "r
estored". Again, this is a totally original matching set in fine condition!    sold

































Ulm proof house










































very rare and early production with low serial # 2133, made in 1897, caliber 7.63mm Mauser / .30 Mauser. The pistol is in excellent condition, very tight and  with a perfect bore. The matching shoulder stock shows a few minor  dings and is in fine condition. According to the ATF "broom handle pistols" including serial # 15,000 are considered antique.
One of the rarest Mauser pistols!    sold

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Mauser C 96 serial # 242512, cal. 7.63mm,
5" barrel, excellent condition. Additional stamp on left side

R.F.V. 491

= Reichs Finanz Verwaltung = Federal Tax Administration. Pistols were used by the German customs.
Scarce variation.


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