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literature: Brukner + Halfmann, Die Scheibenpistole: Ernst Friedrich Büchel, 1818 - 1898, founded EFB in Zella-Mehlis. His son Cuno, 1859 - 1921, lead the company to  the foremost position of target weapons. The pistol shows is the model LUNA developed by Casimi Weber in Zürich, but produced by EFB
Tom Rowe: Alte Scheibenwaffen, vol. 3: System Luna, note the unusual configuration of the barrel. The ring below the grips is pushed forward to lower the breechblock.


E.F.B.    D.R.G.M. (Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster)

German proof stamps


a very fine condition antique German single shot falling block target pistol in  caliber .22 long rifle.  Marked E.F.B.   D.R.G.M.  = Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster on the left side of the frame with proof marks on the right side of the frame and breech block. Metal finish is nice original bright blue showing a little normal wear and a few scratches on the frame. 12” octagonal barrel has a very good bore with strong rifling. Stock has original finish with some handling marks. Falling block action functions fine. Features a blade / bead ramp style front sight. Has a tang for a dovetail rear sight. Comes with 4 accessories in a leather pouch. Mechanically functions perfect. A very rare German single shot target pistol that will make a great addition to your collection.     sold

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