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Brooklyn Arms Co.  "Slocum 1863 patent sliding sleeve revolver"






sliding sleeve pushed frontwards for loading

a .32 rimfire inserted






Slocum sliding sleeve revolver manufactured by the Brooklyn Arms Company; patent April 14, 1863 excellent condition; showing most 100% silver plating, the varnished rosewood grips are perfect; the action is good; the original sleeves and extractor are retained; serial # 5878, Flayderman's # 8A-032: . 32 rim fire, 5 shot, A unique design with individual chambers in the form of sliding tubes within cutouts in the cylinder. Chambers slide forward one a the time over a fixed rod on the right side to expose, load and eject. The Slocum was another attempt circumventing the Rollin White bored-through-cylinder patent controlled by Smith & Wesson.

The revolver in this condition is very rare, most have loss of the plating. Additional it comes in its original case with tool. The first cased Brooklyn Arms I have ever see, probably next to unique.   sold

for information only:

Brooklyn Arms- Slocum Patent Revolver- c1863


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