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St°ckel: August Brecht, Weimar, Sachsen, 1800 - 1882,
Anton Burckhardt, Weimar, circa 1850,

the dollar is only for size comparison

A. BRECHT IN WEIMAR marked over and under screw-off barrels pistol, caliber .52 percussion, 5ż" round Damascus barrels, the upper with a front sight. On the right side installed in the ramrod. While the right trigger will fire the right hammer, the left will do the same on the other side. The metal parts kept in the white. With a massive plain wooden grip. Tne barrel can be removed with a square pushed into the barrel, usually found on the grip of a bullet mold, see the picture underneath of a similar system pistol (Mariette) After the barrel is removed it can be loaded from the rear.
In the early 1890s the pistol was in the inventory of a dealer and as such passed the mandatory proof as documented with stamps on the barrels. Besides a small # 45 there is a bigger # 7. With a strong spring in good working order and fine condition.
An interesting and unusual German percussion double barrel pistol!     $900.

only as demonstration: a Mariette with one barrel removed with a bullet mold-key.








unique revolver with two triggers: the first  one to push frontward to revolve the cylinder, the other pulled to fire the shot. On top of barrel and on the cylinder marked
" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight and rear sight, caliber .30 percussion. Under the barrel is a ramrod. The revolver remains in good condition showing strong traces of blue within a brown patina on cylinder and frame. The grip is very nicely and deep engraved with most of the original varnish and some minor scratches and normal aging. The revolver is complete including sights, and the action is working well.  A very interesting and probably unique revolver. The tag on the trigger guard is from the Martin B. Rettig collection.    sold


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