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BRAENDLIN Company Ltd, Birmingham and London
StÝckel: 1871,

Birmingham  proof stams




BRAENDLIN ARMOURY MARTIN MITRAILLEUSE FOUR BARREL PISTOL, caliber .476. This unusual pistol has a cluster of four 6" barrels hinged to the frame, chambered for the Enfield military cartridge and with Alexander Henry rifling. This pistol was never very popular, and most likely less than 100 were produced. This unmarked example except for the mandatory Birmingham proofs on barrels and action is possibly a prototype. Action has revolving hammer firing barrels succession similar to the better known Lancaster. Locking of barrel cluster is less secure than the Lancaster, with only a T-shaped latch actuated by a thumb piece at top of grip. The number "62" is stamped in locking recess. Cartridge extraction is effected in similar manner to the Smith & Wesson, with spring catch and trip in front portion of trigger guard. This particular pistol has a checkered walnut grip with horn grip cap. Provenance Hank Visser collection. Over 90% original bright blue on barrels and action remaining, silvered on sharp edges. Grip retains nearly all of its checkered finish. Perfect bores.
In good working order and excellent condition    

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