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Hugo Borchardt 
1893 invented and Georg Luger 1899 improved

self-loading-, repeating- or semi-automatic pistols produced by
Loewe & Co, former Ludwig Loewe,
1896 reorganized as DWM = Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken,


D.R.P. = Deutsches Reichs Patent

serial # 1599, magazine # 1344

Winchester, a full box with 50 cartridges for 7.63 mm Borchardt and Mauser

 Borchardt # 1599   made by DWM / Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken Berlin, caliber 7.65mm Borchardt,  7�" tapered round barrel with small front sight and notched rear sight held in place with 2 screws. The pistol has most of the bright original blue remaining showing some wear and patches of rust. The original grips show some wear and the magazines is # 1344. The function is fine and the bore is perfect. The Borchardt design is the first successful semi-automatic pistol, and desirable as the direct forerunner of the Luger pistol.
After surviving two world wars these antique pistols are very rare.     sold


proof stamps

D. R. P. = German Federal Patent

stud for shoulder stock

law protected on hold-open device

hold-open device disassembled

shoulder stock with "law protected" and holster

matching numbered shoulder stock

shoulder stock connection to pistol with adjustable wheel


original case with carrying grips and typical crack in lid

Borchardt made by LOEWE in Berlin, serial # 689, caliber 7.65mm Borchardt. According to literature Loewe manufactured only 1,104, and a lot were lost during the two world wars. The Borchardt design is the first successful semi-automatic pistol. It has a 7½" tapered round barrel barrel with small front sight and notched rear sight held in place with 2 screws. With crisp checkered walnut grips. The pistol is with circa 95% original bright blue and some springs in a bit faded fire blue in exceptional condition. Expected wear over the recoil spring housing where it is attached to the shoulder stock.
The pistol comes in its original case secured with 2 latches, a central key lock and original handle. It looks comparable good though the goat leather covering the wood over the years peeled a little, but this condition together with the crack in the lid is common. The case is lined in green felt and compartmentalized for the accessories. Each of the corners are protected by metal studs. An oval nickeled plaque 2�" in diameter is secured to the top of the case by two screws. The lining shows minimal damage with moderate scuffs and minor staining.
There are 4 matching magazines, the complete hold-open device "dummy magazine" with GESETZLICH GESCHÜTZT (law protected) inside with 3 brass tools and an oil can with tipped oiler. A matching numbered cheek piece, a matching numbered shoulder stock with attached original leather holster, a handle for stick-in tools with punches and cleaning rod. Stock and attaching iron, cheek piece, magazines and  accessories are in comparable condition, certainly in keeping with the overall appearance of the pistol. The attached holster, leather loops, and sling show moderate crazing and surface losses from age.
With the set comes an oil bottle labeled SPERMA. Included is also a reproduction instruction manual in with 3 drawings Englis    sold


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