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Berger Repeating Pistol

StÝckel: Marius Berger, St. Etienne, mentioned circa 1880,
Lean Houn, Les Pistolets Automatiques Français, page 8: Bréveté 1881;


both hammers cocked, Huon compares it with "Rolling Block"


under the barrel the tubular magazine for 5 cartridges, open for loading


 proof stamp  ST. ETIENNE


Marius Berger in exceptional condition repeating pistol, serial # 18. Unlike the similar constructed Volcanic pistol this one for caliber 7mm center fire. A 4" barrel with a very high copper made front sight and on top the St. Etienne proof stamp. Under the barrel is a tubular magazine with a push button to open for loading. On the front of the frame is an oval logo "MARIUS BERGER  18  BREVETE S.G.D.G." The finger loop trigger is nickeled and the grips are of smooth, varnished wood. Pulling the trigger actuates the cartridge elevator while cocking both hammers. The forward hammer/breechblock, that carries the firing pin, falls first. The rearmost hammer immediately follows, striking the now-protruding firing pin. Relaxing the finger loop allows the trigger to spring back into position.  Nicely engraved frame is color case hardened.  Very little usage on the pistol, just a little faded, a description that equally applies to the barrel and magazine tube. The nickel finish on the trigger lever is 90%, original grips with no chips or splits. Bright bore with strong rifling. In good working order. Part of the former  Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess and Hank Visser collections. A decorative and exceptional antique    sold

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