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Belgian pin fire revolver with folding knife,

box and cartridges are not included

proof- and inspection stamps

blade halfway folded

Belgian pin fire revolver with folding knife,
an outstanding quality revolver in caliber 7mm, 3" barrel with typical high front sight and the rear sight in the hammer spur, under the barrel is a 3" folding knife attached. The frame, cylinder and back strap are deeply engraved, folding trigger, 100% nuckel plating remain, crisp checkered grips. In good working order and excellent condition!    $2,700.

Belgian pair of percussion pistols with Navy dirk and accessories in case,

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Belgian Navy dirk

Belgian pair of pistols with Belgian Navy dirk and accessories in case, mandatory ELG proof stamps on end of barrel with # 97, no maker's name, caliber .34 percussion, each pistol with two beautiful Damascus barrels 6 and 1", well sculptured  ebony grips. All accessories in case: ebony powder flask, 2 different round boxes for caps, multi-tool for screwing the barrels and bullet mold, ramrod with worm, small screw driver. The case is well chosen grained wood with an inscribed lid, unfortunately with an age crack. 1850 - 1860s. 
The pistols are in excellent condition and good working order, a desirable set!     $9,750.

Belgian cased engraved double action folding trigger pin-fire revolver,




Belgian cased engraved double action folding trigger
This revolver has no visible maker's inscription but is clearly built based on Lefauchaux's folding trigger revolver. # 2890 is marked on the left side of the revolver. The mandatory ELG with additional "crown/G" stamp is on the cylinder. There is attractive floral and scroll engraving on a punch dot background throughout. The front of the cylinder has a golden band. It has triangular blade front and hammer notch rear sights and is fitted with a pair of smooth ivory colored celluloid grips. It comes in a black with brass studs and unmarked initial plate, blue velvet fitted interior with two compartments containing the key.  Caliber 7mm pin fire, 3 round barrel.
The cylinder retains 75% of the original blue finish and 90% of the gold while the remaining surfaces have a French gray tone with minor residue. The grips are very fine with smooth surfaces and a few slight spots of discoloration. Unlike a lot of folding trigger revolvers this is mechanically excellent. The case is also fine with some minor storage wear and a few slight stains on the interior.
Overall, a very attractive set.     sold


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