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Allen & Thurber, Worcester, MA
Støckel: 1837 - 1856,


Allen single shot pistol / derringer, on bar hammer two line inscription ALLEN'S PATENT 1845, on frame and both grips batch # 274, caliber .31 percussion, 2¼" barrel, circa 50% bright blue remaining, plain wooden grips, in good working order, fine condition. Flayderman's # 5A-006.
Additional a very rare multi-function tool combining barrel wrench and bullet mold.    sold

















Allen & Thurber six-shot pepperbox, between the nipples on cluster is # 417, caliber .32 percussion, the bar-hammer shows ALLENS PATENT 845 (1845), the 4¾" fluted barrel cluster stamped ALLEN & THURBER  WORCESTER, engraved nipple shield and frame, varnished bag shape grips. Double action only, and in good working order. The barrel-cluster is grayish, the frame kept in the white is fine. The pepperbox is in fine condition.
It is rare to find cased pepperbox with a leather clad two compartment powder flask - one for powder, the bottom part for and with balls, a two-cavity bullet mold - one for round and the other for conical balls, ELEY BRO  LONDON stamped can for caps and a ramrod. The lid has a minor warping on top, the case is dark blue baize.
A very rare set in fine condition. Flayderman's # 5A-045.5;    sold

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