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Ýckel: London 1865 - 1894, managed by John Adams,

ADAMS model MK III British army revolver, literatur Rolf H. MŁller: Europ. military revolver, made 1872 - 1879,
Taylerson, The Revolver 1865 - 1888, page 48: refined rod-ejector patent 1872,





Adams Patent Mk III WD  war department, matching serial # 13185, caliber .450, 6" octagonal barrel with fixed front sight, rear sight on bridge over the cylinder.  The revolver is using the 1872 patented rod-ejector system. It is a scarce and very nice original condition ADAMS .450 revolver with clear WD markings and 1879 date. This is one the classic Victorian era English officers revolvers and has about 80% blue finish with nice even patina and original walnut grips; super clear markings. The actions is tight and smooth in single and double action, overall in fine condition.     $2,275.

ADAMS PATENT six-shot self-ejecting double action revolver

























ADAMS PATENT six-shot self-ejecting double action revolver marked on the 6" barrel ADAMS PATENT SMALL ARMS MANUFACTURING COMPANY 391 Strand London;   serial # 118, caliber .450, probably made by Warnant, LiŤge, almost 98% nickel plating remaining, decent engraved, checkered grips, lanyard ring. Presentation engraving: Presented to Liet. Harry T. Fulton by the Dunedin City Guards on the occasion of his leaving them to join the Army, June 1892. (Dunedin, New Zealand)  THIS revolver is pictured in W. H. J. Chamberlainís book Adams' Revolvers, page 208. Unique piece that I bought more than 30 years ago at Weller & Dufty in Birmingham.   sold


Mr. G. S. from New Zealand added:

I thought you may wish to know a little of Harry Fultonís service. 

He left Dunedin and joined the British Army returning to serve with the New Zealand Contingents in the Boer War and again with the New Zealand Division in WW1. He was Killed in 1917 by sniper fire while commanding a brigade in the Division. I have more details if you are interested.


G. S.

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