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Fo Arrate Eibar,
 circa 1860.










FA. FO. ARRATE EIBAR made revolver, caliber 12mm pinfire, on right of barrel lug # 20, 6" round barrel with bead front sight, maker's inscription on top and decorated with silver leaves, under barrel attached is a 5" folding dirk. The revolver shows circa 80% bright blue, crisp checkered grips, lanyard ring, and in good working condition. Desirable oddity     $2,850.

added by a Spanish reader - thank you!
"Arrate". Eibar was a gunsmith's town in the Basque
country (Western Pyrenees, in this case the Spanish part). And Arrate
is, among other things, one of the surrounding "hills". Also a
common surname and a Marian shrine.

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