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Støckel: "
Gilles Mariette, Liège, receives 1839 a patent for the cluster revolver (pepperbox) with double action"




MARIETTE BRÉVETÉ                                                                                                ELG






MARIETTE BRÉVETÉ made army sized revolver, serial # 971, caliber 12mm pinfire. Unlike the common pinfire revolvers this model has a "closed  frame" which one can easily unscrew for loading / unloading, and is certainly more safe to use. 5¾" barrel with an octagonal muzzle with fixed front sight and a similar high rear sight. Worth to mention is the protecting ring around the end of the cylinder avoiding unintentional hit on the pins of the cartridges. As fashionable at the time the metal kept in the white and the frame with straps, butt cap and trigger guard are slightly engraved, plain walnut grips, right side ejector and lanyard ring. There are minor scratches on the metal  and grips, but fine condition and in good working order. One of the rare pinfire models.    $3,000.


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