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StÝckel: William Tranter Birmingham + London 1816 - 1890
received countless patents, his main patent is the double trigger revolver January 28, 1853, # 212;
Taylerson The Revolver, chapter XVIII,
Tranter Cartridge Revolver: Model 1868 with early style ejector,

StÝckel: E.M Reilly & Co. 502 Oxford St. London, 1830 - 1858,



Tranter Model 1868, solid frame double action revolver with early style TRANTER PATENT marked ejector, serial # 38013, caliber .380, 4Ĺ" barrel with fixed front sight and retailer inscription on top flat, additional proof stamps and 380 on the left, the frame and barrel show almost 100% original glossy bright blue, the 5-shot cylinder is aged case hardening, with for this model used trigger spur, crisp checkered grips.
A rare revolver in exceptional condition.

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